TBN Launches First-Ever Women’s Talk Show “Better Together” Hosted by Laurie Crouch

Laurie Crouch, host of TBN’s first-ever women’s interest talk show, “Better Together” — where many of the best-known female Christian celebrities and ministers share their personal struggles and biblical advice — says the show isn’t for sharing fashion advice or talking against other women.  

Crouch, who also co-hosts “Praise” alongside her husband, TBN Chairman Matt Crouch, explained in an interview with The Christian Post that her purpose for the show is to “build a community of edification, encouragement,” not tear other people down, which happens daily on secular talk shows.

The daily half-hour program, birthed from advice given by the late Jan Crouch, first aired on April 22. Each show features Crouch, alongside a rotating cast of four prominent Christian women who also recap their feelings in a Q&A with producers after the show. Some of the featured guests on “Better Together” have included Christine Caine, Lisa Harper, Mandisa, and Hosanna Wong.

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with host Laurie Crouch and Alex Seeley, who co-pastors The Belonging Co. church alongside her husband, Henry, in Nashville, Tennessee.

CP: How did the idea come about to have like an all women daytime TV show?

Crouch:  I’ll start at the beginning. My mother love, Jan Crouch, my last visit with her while she was alive she looked at me and she said, “Baby, it’s time for you to step up.

Here on Trinity Broadcasting Network we wake up to hope and grace every morning with Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince and she said, ‘Where’s the love for the women, the women of the world?” And I thought, “OK, we’ll get on that.” And here we are three years later, we’re doing it. I just thought, “Well, I can’t do anything really by myself. I need my friends because we are better together. I’m just thrilled to be about it.

CP: How’s the show similar or different from mainstream daytime TV shows “The View,” “The Real,” and “The Talk”? 

Crouch: I think it’s different because we talk about matters of the heart and I think that’s so important. It’s different because we’re actually for each other in a way that you might not see on other shows.

We all have a foundation and that foundation is Jesus and the Word of God. We all have different personalities, but we have one focus. So I think we’re able to minister just kind of what we’ve gone through. We’re doing life together and I think you see that.

We have a beautiful set, and for the program, we tape five days and just a couple hours. So we start the conversation where the cameras drop in on a conversation. What we did is my husband said, “I see you all the time sitting at dinner with your friends. The ladies go to one side and all the men go to the other, and the women chat it up.” And he said, “I want to protect that.”

So he built this beautiful set. They designed this set for us where all the walls are closed and we have robotic cameras, and there’s just the five of us sitting in there. It’s five friends going to places where we’ve never been before in conversation together and you just drop in on that conversation.

Then we all go into our confessional booth and it’s just you and the camera and your producer asking you questions about what happened out there on set. It’s kind of a reality TV meets real conversation, and there’s no script and we just go for it.

Seeley: I love the fact that it’s real conversation but it’s biblically based. So we’re not just giving opinions, we’re getting revelations through our experience.

You can hear the same scripture five times but people get five different revelations on that because the Word is alive and active. The thing I love about it is that you’re sitting in and you’re like, “Oh, I never heard it like that before.” So you’re not hearing opinions of such but experiences and encounters through what the Word of God has said to us and how we’ve applied it to our lives. So it’s a journey of getting to see how life has been done and how to get through to the other side with the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus, I up

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law