Here We Go: Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Taiwan has approved same-sex marriage, becoming the first in Asia.

Friday, the Taiwan legislature will allow full marriage rights to same-sex couples, according to CBN News.

The Taiwan Constitutional Court ruled in May 2017 that the constitution allows same-sex marriages, and it gave parliament two years to adjust laws if needed.

The new law will go into effect May 24, according to CNN.

The island of Taiwan reportedly has a large gay community and even hosts an annual gay pride event. However, in November 2018, the country tried to pass a referendum approving same-sex marriage. Nearly 70 percent of voters rejected the referendum.

But this week, Taiwanese lawmakers voted on a Cabinet bill to approve same-sex marriages.

Wu Tzu-an, a gay activist from Taipei, said the vote was the “best” result for the country.

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Source: Christian Headlines