WATCH: 61-Year-Old Woman Fighting to Stay Alive After Texas Hospital Takes Her Off Life Support Despite Family’s Protests

Carolyn Jones, and her husband Donald Jones

A 61-year-old Texas mother is now fighting to stay alive two days after a local hospital removed her from life support against her family’s wishes after declaring their efforts to save her life futile under the 1999 Texas Advance Directive Act.

The law allows health care facilities to discontinue life-sustaining treatment ten days after giving written notice if the treating medical team considers further life-sustaining treatment futile.

The mother, Carolyn Jones, had been living with the help of a ventilator at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital in Houston for the last six months and gave her until May 13 before they pulled the plug, her daughter Kina Jones told 12NEWS. Two days later however, Carolyn Jones is still fighting to stay alive after suffering a stroke in 2017.

“They’ve refused all requests to wing her off of the ventilator and to try breathing on her own,” Kina said of the medical team. “They were just saying she’s not stable enough or she’s in a critical condition.”

In an appeal Tuesday seeking to raise $50,000 to help keep the defiant mother alive, Texas Right to Life said: “Carolyn was originally ‘scheduled’ to die on Monday when the hospital used the abominable 10-Day Rule to shut down her ventilator. And when that didn’t work (didn’t kill her), hospital administrators withheld dialysis from the conscious woman. (Carolyn was undergoing dialysis before her hospitalization.)”

“If they don’t give her dialysis …, she’s going to succumb to the fluid in her,” Kina told 12News.

“This is not right for people to be able to make a decision for anyone to live or die when they are alive,” Donald Jones, Carolyn’s husband added.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair