Robert Netzly: An LGBT Investment Fund is Shut Down and Biblically Responsible Investing Rises

New York City, USA – December 28, 2013: Close up detail of facade at the New York Stock Exchange building located on Wall St. in Lower Manhattan.

LGBT activists are scratching their heads following the abrupt closure of a widely followed investment fund that was focused on LGBT advocacy and invested only in the stocks of companies which demonstrated outspoken support for LGBT acceptance and approval in the workplace.

The InsightShares “Workplace Equality” ETF (exchange traded fund), which traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker EQLT, was launched on February 24th, 2014 and ceased trading two weeks ago on April 26th, 2019.

During its five full years of trading, EQLT enjoyed massive global exposure, high praise from major media outlets and even above average performance over most timeframes. EQLT was praised as the golden-child of a new age of progressive values among supposedly forward-thinking businesses and investors.

But EQLT was a complete failure.

EQLT Failure

After five years, massive publicity and solid performance, EQLT only managed to attract $16.7M in assets under management by the time it was liquidated last month. A statement issued by the fund’s Board of Trustees at ALPS ETF Trust explained the reasons behind EQLT’s demise:

“The decision to close the Fund was made by the ALPS ETF Trusts Board of Trustees after consultation with ALPS Advisors, Inc., the investment adviser to the Fund. On consideration of the Funds’ inability to attract significant market interest since the Funds’ inception, its future viability as well as prospects for growth of the Funds’ assets in the foreseeable future, the Board determined that it was in the best interests of the Fund and its shareholders to liquidate the Funds shares, which are listed on the NYSE ARCA. The last day of trading for the Fund is scheduled to be Friday, 26 April, 2019.”

What happened? If the media’s insistent message that the mainstream current is in support of LGBT advocacy, and that holding to the biblical definition of marriage and sexuality is, as The New York Times put it in an article on the subject, “squarely at oddswith that of nearly all of corporate America”, then how is it that a fund like EQLT was a flop?

And EQLT is not the only pro-LGBT fund that is struggling. The UBS InsightShares LGBT Employment Equality ETF (ticker: PRID) was launched January 10th, 2018. PRID follows a similar investment methodology to the failed EQLT of investing in companies identified by LGBT activism powerhouse, Human Rights Coalition (HRC), as supporters of the LGBT agenda.

PRID offers an expense ratio of 0.65%, trades on the New York Stock Exchange and is managed by subadvisor Vident Investment Advisors, an affiliate of Vident Financial, which also offers their own stable of “principles based” investment funds.

More than a year later, PRID claims just a scant $2.65M in assets under management according to data sourced from Morningstar.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Robert Netzly