Louie Giglio Says ‘Fatherless Generation’ Must Embrace God as Their Perfect, Heavenly Father to Experience ‘Radical Change’

In a society where fatherlessness has reached epidemic proportions, Pastor Louie Giglio is calling on people to embrace God as their perfect, heavenly Father. It’s a decision he believes will radically transform lives, and, in turn, the world.

“When people start seeing God as their perfect heavenly Father, they begin to walk in acceptance, and not for acceptance,” Giglio told The Christian Post. “When Jesus started His ministry, a voice came from Heaven and said, ‘In Him, I am well pleased.’

“But Jesus hadn’t performed any miracles yet. So what was God pleased in? God was essentially saying, ‘My son already has my acceptance and blessing.’ So Jesus moved into His public ministry with the blessing, not for the blessing.”

“I’ve seen that happen in a lot of people’s lives: they stop living in the hope of getting accepted and loved,” he continued. “They start moving in confidence because they know they already have it. That’s a big game changer for us and will radically change society.”

Giglio recently released his latest book, Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom As Sons and Daughters of a Perfect Father, which helps readers embrace God as their Father regardless of their relationship with or absence of their earthly father.

In his book, Giglio writes that though every individual has a unique experience with their earthly father, what unites people is the need woven into every soul, “the need to be loved, and treasured, and noticed and accepted by our father.”

Giglio is the pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, which draws more than 8,000 people each week. Along with his wife, Shelley, Giglio also founded Passion, an annual conference that seeks to empower and guide college-age adults. Since 1997, Passion events have drawn over a million students and reached people all over the world.

The pastor said he’s seen a theme among the people he’s ministered to over the years: broken relationships with their fathers. He cited statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, which estimates that more than 1 in 4 children live without a father in the home.

“They’re calling this ‘the fatherless generation,’ and it’s time for us to speak a message of hope to these people,” Giglio said. “The idea that I could know a sovereign, eternal God on an intimate level was a game-changer for me as a young man. I realized that God as a judge, king, and ruler is all within the embodiment of God as a Father. All of a sudden, I got this glimpse of God as bigger than I ever could’ve imagined, but also more intimately than I could ever hope for.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett