Germany Releases Report Warning of Rising Anti-Semitism Among Islamist Extremists and the Far-Right

Germany’s top intelligence agency recently released a report analyzing the rise of antisemitism by Islamist extremists in the country.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, also known as the BfV, released a 40-page comprehensive report called “Antisemitism in Islamism” detailing the rise on anti-Semitism in radical Muslim immigrants in Germany.

The report was careful to discern the difference between “Islam” the religion and “Islamism” the extremist political group which “aims at the partial or complete abolition of the liberal democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany,” the Jerusalem Post reports.

BfV Spokeswoman Angela Pley said the report is meant to serve as an educational tool for authorities, teachers and social workers who often work with immigrants and refugees.

According to CBN News, the report notes that Islamist extremist anti-Semitism “already represent[s] a considerable challenge for peaceful and tolerant coexistence in Germany.”

Pley sees this report as a step in the right direction for the Jewish people of Germany.

She said, “We are an early warning system. Recommendations on what can be done must come from society and the political establishment.”

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Source: Christian Headlines