Silent Hope Church in Arizona Reaches the Deaf Community With the Gospel

Many view deafness as a disability. For Silent Hope Church, however, deafness is how God is forming godly relationships in Mesa.

Silent Hope, which meets for Sunday School and worship on Sunday afternoons at Heart of Mesa Church, is the first Deaf-led church in the East Valley.

Jeremy Fass, Deaf pastor of Silent Hope, strives to unify the Deaf and hearing through services in American Sign Language with English translation.

“Instead of being disabled, we’re differently abled,” Fass says.

Silent Hope offers a rare opportunity for the Deaf community to hear the Gospel.

“How would Deaf people ever come to know Jesus if they always have to go hear it second-handedly? English is like a foreign language to them,” says Nancy Boothe, Fass’ mother-in-law and member of HiWay Baptist Church, Mesa, where Silent Hope began. “This way they get to hear it in their own language. They understand it directly from [Jeremy].”

Natural divides such as race, gender and age are not as prominent within the Deaf community as within the hearing.

“In the Deaf community, color lines don’t really exist. Male-female doesn’t really exist,” says Denise Trimble Smith, Silent Hope member and former ASL-English interpreter for Fass. “So, being children of God and being Deaf is a gift that comes first. Then, you see if you’re male or female, or if you’re black, white or Hispanic.”

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Source: Baptist Press