Harvest Bible Chapel Says James MacDonald Will Not Receive Any Tithes or Severance Pay as Naples Campus Hires Jeff Donaldson as New Lead Pastor

Harvest Bible Chapel in greater Chicago. | Instagram

Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago said no tithes or severance will go to James MacDonald, its longtime pastor who was ousted in February, nor will any of its affiliated entities benefit him financially.

An update from the HBC elders was posted to the church website on April 30 to explain that a meeting occurred earlier that month to start a biblical reconciliation process and “make efforts to address complex legal issues and lingering disagreements still open since [MacDonald’s] termination.”

The megachurch said Friday: “We want to assure you that none of your tithes and offerings have gone to James since his termination, and he did not receive severance because his termination was ‘with cause.’”

In recent weeks, questions have mounted as to whether or not the longtime pastor would receive any income from other sources linked with the church such as Walk in the Word, MacDonald’s teaching ministry that is heard on radio broadcasts nationwide.

“To be clear, none of Harvest Bible Chapel’s or Walk in the Word’s donations or assets have gone to James, and we will not be giving him anything in the future,” the church said Friday.

The church signed a separation agreement with MacDonald on April 12 that was contingent on their mortgage lender’s approval. The mortgage lender stated Friday that they “do not consent to the release of any assets including cash, physical property, and/or intellectual property.” As a result of that decision, the separation agreement is null and void.

MacDonald was fired in February after local radio host Mancow Muller played audio on the air of MacDonald making profane comments on a hot mic, amid controversy about MacDonald’s and the church’s use of finances and other factors. The church is reportedly deeply in debt and monthly donations have dropped significantly.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter