Karl Vaters: Saying “There’s Nothing Wrong With Small Churches” Is a Great Start, but It’s Not Enough

There’s nothing wrong with small churches.

I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.

For the first time in my memory, many church growth writers and speakers are making sure to say “there’s nothing wrong with small churches” when they teach about church growth.

This is good, and I’m grateful for that concession.

Unfortunately, that’s what it is. A concession.

That’s not enough any more.

An Unacknowledged Prejudice

There’s nothing wrong with saying “there’s nothing wrong with small church.”

It’s a start. But we need to do more than that.

When we say that, we’re betraying an inherent prejudice against small churches that we’re hoping to sweep away before we get to the real business at hand – getting those numbers up.

After all, we say “there’s nothing wrong…” with things we tolerate, not with things we celebrate. No one says “you need to see the latest movie! There’s nothing wrong with it!”

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Source: Christianity Today