WATCH: Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford Asks God to Help Americans Avoid Division, Anger and ‘Love One Another’ in Prayer on Senate Floor

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma took to the Senate floor to offer a prayer for the nation, asking God to help Americans curb divisiveness in the nation and “love one another” instead.

The day before the annual National Day of Prayer, Sen. Lankford addressed the upper house of Congress regarding the upcoming observance and attacks on religious believers.

“As we watch the attacks on synagogues in our country, as we watch bombings of Christians in Sri Lanka, gun battles that have erupted in churches in the United States, mosques that have been attacked, people of faith being targeted simply because of their faith it is a reasonable thing as a nation to be able to pause and say ‘how are we as this year’s theme says: loving one another?’” said Lankford.  

Lankford then gave a prayer asking God for help regarding “the division in our nation, the anger, the struggle” and asking for help “to be able to see each other as You have created us and to respect You, Your wisdom and Your guidance.”

“For our first responders and our military scattered around this nation and around the world, we pray Your protection for them, pray that You would give them insight. Help them to be able to represent us well,” continued Lankford.

“For federal employees that serve our nation each day, for members of our nation, that we’re finding ways to serve each other in our communities, would You help us this day to love one another and to be able to set the tone for a world that is watching us as a nation? Help us represent well You, who You have called us to be as individuals.”

Lankford’s prayer came in advance of the National Day of Prayer, an annual observance created in 1952 by a joint resolution of Congress.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski