WATCH: Father Who was Dancing in Church Falls Over Shocked when His US Navy Daughter Surprises Him after Returning from Two Years in Japan

Jerome is invited on to stage by the pastor when Jadiah and her brother Isaac appear from the back of the stage

This is the heartwarming moment a father falls over in shock when his daughter, who has been away with the Navy for two years, surprises him mid-dance.

Jerome Monday is dancing during high praise at Divine Faith Ministries International, TaVondria Battle, Jonesboro, Georgia, when he is surprised by his navy daughter’s return.

Jediah serves with the US Navy and spent the last two years based in Japan.

Around the time she was due home she plotted with her mother and brother to surprise her father.

And a week before he expected her to arrive she was already in Georgia, but told him she was still in Japan during a phone call.

Later that day, while at church, Jerome was invited on to stage by the pastor when Jediah and her brother Isaac appeared from the back of the stage.

They started dancing next to Jerome who did not immediately realize what was happening.

Glancing across at his daughter he continued dancing before turning suddenly to look at her properly.

But the shock of seeing his daughter for the first time in two years caused him to lose balance, stagger backwards and fall to the floor.

Once he regained his composure he was helped to his feet.

He picked up his daughter and gave her a long hug as the upbeat music continued with the whole congregation reveling in their joy.

After their embrace the pair continued dancing before each thanked the pastor for her part in their reunion.

Isaac said: ‘My sister Jadiah has been in Japan for the past two years.

‘With the thought of surprising my dad, my mom, sister and I decided it would be cool if she came home a week early and make it a huge surprise at church.

‘After telling my dad she’d be home on March 2, he had no idea what was about to happen.

‘She spoke with my dad that morning at our hotel as if she was still in Japan and he was clueless as to what was about to take place.

‘With the help of our youth pastor at Divine Faith Ministries International, TaVondria Battle, she helped set him up on the stage.

‘She called him up to dance in front of the church in the midst of high praise.

‘Without thought he ran upon the stage not knowing that he was about to have the fall of his life.

‘As he began to dance, my sister and I ran from the back of the stage and began to dance with him – he still had no idea that it was her.

‘He claims to have looked down and thought to himself “hmm somebody has on some fatigues” but when he looked up he was in such shock to see his daughter, it threw him to the ground.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Emer Scully