Candace Owens Steps Down as Turning Point USA Communications Director

Candace Owens is leaving her role as communications director at Turning Point USA. “Turning Point is an amazing organization that is fighting a cultural war on college campuses,” Owens wrote in an Instagram post Wednesday night. “We love our freedom-fighting students. We love our campus clashes.” Owens has been criticized for comments made during her time at Turning Point, including when she recently stated that Hitler was an “OK” leader until he tried to take his message global. After the comment, some Turning Point campus chapters signed a letter calling on her to resign. In her farewell post, Owens cites the “#BLEXIT movement,” her self-titled podcast and upcoming book as reasons for stepping away. She assured her followers that she would still be associated with the organization’s events. “I will of course still be speaking at all Turning Point conferences and will continue to chair the annual Black Leadership Summit in the fall,” she wrote. “…We couldn’t be more excited to share this conversation with the world.”

SOURCE: The Daily Beast