Here We Go: Merriam-Webster Adds New Terms to Online Dictionary to Accommodate Transgender and LGBT Community

Leading reference book producer Merriam-Webster has added three new terms to its online dictionary to accommodate the transgender community and LGBT activists who coined them.

In an April update, the company announced that it added more than 640 words so that its lexicon will be more up-to-date in areas such as business, entertainment, science, and medicine.

Some of the updates include new meanings to old words, such as “snowflake,” which today can be used to describe “someone regarded or treated as unique or special” or  “someone who is overly sensitive.”

It also includes new compound terms, such as “garbage time,” which describes the final minutes of a sports contest when one team’s lead over the other has been deemed “insurmountable.”

But the most attention-grabbing element of Merriam-Webster’s April update comes from its section outlining “new words from science and medicine.” Among a list of nine words or phrases highlighted in that section are terms that relate to gender dysphoria and gender transition.

Two new terms describing types of gender confirmation surgery could be seen as somewhat informal.

“Top surgery,” the dictionary states, is a “type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person’s breasts are removed or augmented to match their gender identity.”

Meanwhile, “bottom surgery” is described by Merriam-Webster as “a type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person’s genitalia are altered to match their gender identity.”

Merriam-Webster also added the term “gender-nonconforming” to denote someone “exhibiting behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits that do not correspond with the traits typically associated with one’s sex.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith