WATCH: Golden Retriever Mother Rebukes Her Children for Whining and Silences Her Them with One Bark

Rosalie the Golden Retriever was at home with her breeders in Deutsch Haslau in Austria when she showed off her incredible parenting skills as she silenced her litter of seven excitable puppies

Any tired mother knows the feeling of frustration that comes with trying to calm excited children down.

But this experienced dog managed to silence her litter of seven puppies with just one growl.

Rosalie the Golden Retriever, who has had several litters, lives with dog breeders Christopher and Melanie in Deutsch Haslau in Austria.

But her puppies are so excitable they won’t leave her in peace when she enters the room.

Footage shows her strolling up to the safety gate of the door as her seven puppies scramble over each other desperate for her attention and to drink some milk.

As she enters their room the puppies erupt into chaos and are heard yapping while the scrabble to try and reach her first.

Rosalie shows off her excellent mothering skills as she growls and then barks at the puppies to stun them into silence.

Once the puppies realise they won’t be getting any attention from their mother until they calm down they all lie on their stomachs with their heads on their paws.

It is only after the puppies stop yapping and calm down that Rosalie starts caring for them and showing affection.

Christopher and Melanie say that Rosalie is a special dog because she tends to prefer human company to that of other dogs.

Their website, Sent from Heaven, says that Rosalie: ‘Responds very sensitively to the state of mind of us humans’.

They say that she can never been fooled because her empathy is ‘second to none’.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Isabella Nikolic