WATCH: 44-Year-Old Mother Leaves 11 Children Behind to Raise Themselves After She Dies from Breast Cancer Just 10 Years After Their Father Died

A family of 11 children just lost their mom to stage 4 breast cancer and have to bury her.
Credit: Fox2

Eleven children ranging from 4 to 23 years old are mourning their 44-year-old mother, Rashida Lawson, who died from stage-four breast cancer on Saturday.

According to Fox 2 in Detroit, the older siblings are now stepping up to raise the little ones and will be acting as both mom and dad.

“Some people still have their parents and tell you it is going to be okay — it’s not,” son Kenneth Stone told the news outlet. “We don’t know it’s going to be okay. We don’t have our parents anymore. We just have each other.”

Added daughter Tamera Stone: “We can’t tell them, ‘Hey guys, it’s going to be okay — she’s coming home.’ And I have to be honest with them.”

According to Tamera, Lawson “was the glue that held us together. She didn’t want to break us down. She didn’t want us worrying about her.”

Their mother “was a very genuine and loving person,” according to a GoFundMe page that was created for the family. “She took pride into raising her children the right way and doing the best she could for each and every one of them.”

The children’s father also died 10 years ago, according to the fundraising page.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Caitlin Keating