Robert Mueller Told Attorney General William Barr his 4-Page Summary Did Not Capture Full Context of Report On Trump-Russia Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller told Attorney General William Barr that the initial account of the Mueller report in Barr’s four-page letter caused public confusion.

Justice Department officials say in a letter and subsequent phone call, Mueller said Barr’s March 24th letter, a four-page description of what Barr called the report’s principal conclusions, did not fully capture the context and substance of the more than 440 page document.

Mueller suggested that Barr release the brief summary sections of the report.

Justice Department officials described the conversation between the two men. The contents of Mueller’s letter to Barr were first reported by the Washington Post.

Members of Mueller’s team have previously expressed frustration that Barr cleared Trump of obstruction of justice in a letter summarizing Mueller’s findings in March. A U.S. official who spoke with the members of Mueller’s team told NBC News early this month that they believed the evidence that Trump sought to impede the investigation was stronger than Barr suggested.

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SOURCE: Pete Williams
NBC News