WATCH: Anonymous Donor Comes Forward With $300,000 to Save Fort Worth Church About to be Moved Off of Property

Kevin Murphy sings during service on Sunday, April 14, 2019, at Church on the Slab. Many gathered believed it would be the last Sunday service in the building, but Rev. Cherryll Wallace announced that they have permission to stay in the building for Easter.

An anonymous benefactor didn’t want to see “Fort Worth’s forgotten people” without a church to call their own.

A retired railroad employee who served in Korea in 1963 contacted the Church on the Slab, on Arizona Avenue near Interstate 35 and Rosedale, after reading a Star-Telegram article about the congregation’s plight when the pastor learned that a prospective buyer wanted the church to move out.

The donor asked to remain anonymous because he is giving most of his retirement savings to the church so that the pastor, Cherryll Wallace, can handle the final details to purchase the property.

“This is not me doing this; it is the Lord telling me what to do,” the donor said. “Everything on this earth belongs to God. All I am doing is returning it to him.”

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Pastor Cherryll Wallace said that when she got a call from the benefactor, she knew that a miracle was taking place.

“Hallelujah, no words can describe this, this is a modern-day miracle,” she said.

Wallace said she has signed the necessary paperwork, and that the closing should go forward next week.

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SOURCE: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Elizabeth Campbell