Wallace Henley Believes Great Global Awakening is Near and Will be Similar to Welsh Revival of 1904-05

The great move of God known as the Welsh revival that touched Wales soon after the turn of the 20th century portends the “lightning” of yet another awakening, according to Wallace Henley.

God is up to something huge, he says in his new book, Call Down Lightning: What the Welsh Revival Reveals About the End TimesAnd it’s that particular revival and historical cycle that reveals the world is about to see a fresh outpouring of the Spirit.

Henley, whose previous experience includes time as a journalist and a congressional and White House aide, is confident that we are about to see it happen. He is presently the senior associate pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, and what precipitated his latest book was the “immensity of the [political and cultural] crisis,” he explained in a phone interview earlier this month with The Christian Post.

When he left the nation’s capital decades ago after serving in government, he became convicted that the most important institution in society was the Church. The problems plaguing society were beyond human capacity to solve and such problems have only intensified over the years. But as he looked into the Welsh revival he saw not only a profound move of God’s Spirit springing up in the churches, but vast social transformation.

“I grew up in the age of revivals in the 1950s, in the deep South, and we called them revivals but they really are not revivals until we see the fruit of revivals coming out of it, which includes the fruit of repentance,” he said.

The fruit of the Welsh revival was so extensive that, historians have noted, the donkeys that were used in the coal mines had to be retrained because the coal miners who had encountered Jesus stopped cussing and the animals no longer responded as they once did.

The Welsh revival, Henley says, “is prototypical of what Jesus predicts for the end of the age. That is, it’s a sample on a small scale of the great global revival that He predicts in Matthew 24 and Matthew 13 when there will be mass harvests of people coming into the Kingdom.”

The coming revival will be very sudden, just like the Welsh revival was, and will encompass every social group in the culture, he said.

“It will be the promise of God made manifest in the redemption of whole societies,” he said.

Christians need not fear the end times, he went on to say. Indeed, Jude refers to this time as the “blessed hope.” But many Christians tend to view them as a period of awful dread, he said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter