WATCH: Cops Pull Over 4-Year-Old Girl Riding Tricycle Before She Crosses Train Tracks with Pet Chihuahua

Police had to pull out all the stops to get a reckless driver on a trike off the road in Little Rock, Arkansas, and she was only four years old.

A bystander captured the hilarious moment on camera, showing a police patrol SUV stopped with its lights flashing and the child tearing down the street as fast as her legs would carry her.

Officers can be seen jogging in pursuit of the tiny offender, who has her chihuahua by her side, in the video recorded on April 19.

The video shows officers chasing after the little girl, as she pedals with all of her might toward a railroad crossing.

‘A four-year-old girl and her Chihuahua were riding in town and the cops tried pulling her over but she wouldn’t pull over,’ a bystander who recorded the video said.

‘The cops then got out of the car and got her off the road.’

The officers can be seen at the end of the clip guiding the little girl to the side of road, out of harm’s way.

SOURCE: Daily Mail