British Athlete Hayley Carruthers Collapses Near End of London Marathon; Crawls Across Finish Line to Complete her Personal Best Time

Hayley Carruthers collapsed on the finishing line of the London Marathon after she completed a personal best time.

Carruthers, 25, a full-time radiotherapy cancer researcher from Birmingham and one of six elite Brits in the race, approached the line looking in pain before she stumbled and fell just metres before the finish.

With nothing left to give after running her best ever time, Carruthers crossed the line in 18th place in 02:33:59 on hands and knees before marshals rushed in to ensure her safety.

As she approached the end, BBC commentator Steve Cram said: “I hope she’s okay, [she] looks very, very tired.”

Suddenly, Carruthers’ legs gave way and she fell to the ground. But fortunately, she was close enough to the end to complete the course.

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SOURCE: Mirror Online