WATCH: Wonderful Service Dog Goes Shopping at a Pet Store for a Toy and Eats Puppy-Safe Ice Cream to Celebrate His 4th Birthday

Toli the service dog celebrated his fourth birthday on April 17 with Michael Cantu of Akron, Ohio, his disabled companion

An Ohio service dog celebrated his fourth birthday earlier this month by choosing his new toy from a pet store and snacking on some puppy-safe ice cream with his best friend.

Michael Cantu of Akron posted a video on Instagram on April 17, showing Toli’s trip down the toy aisle earlier that day. The clip received 1,266 likes in just over a week.

The video shows Cantu, who is handicapped and uses an electric wheelchair, riding next to Toli as the dog strolls down the aisle of toys sniffing and looking at each item he passes.

The canine peeks into several baskets full of toys, but continues on for several seconds.

Suddenly, he stops in front of a basket and uses his mouth to gently pick up a stuffed rabbit, wagging his tail as he proceeds down the aisle.

‘He knew what he wanted!’ IG user Rikki44 posted in the comments section.

In a separate clip, Toli can be seen licking a cup of ice cream set on the ground for him.

‘Toli turns 4 today so he got to pick out a new toy as well as a puppy ice cream,’ Cantu wrote in the video’s caption along with the hashtags ‘#GoodBoy,’ ‘#BirthdayBoy,’ and ‘#HardChoice.’

Cantu told The Dodo that Toli has ‘been with me every step of the way since I got him.’

‘He helps me open doors and drawers, turn on/off lights, picks up things I drop, etc.,’ Cantu said. ‘This has kinda become a tradition on his birthday. He loves taking naps and cuddling with his toys.’

Since his wise purchase, Toli and his new toy have been inseparable, according to Cantu.

‘That rabbit, who is now named Chungus, [Toli] takes with him everywhere,’ he said.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Chancey Alcorn