Mozambique Urges People to Seek Higher Ground as Cyclone Kenneth Kills at Least Five With Fears That More Heavy Rain in Coming Days Could Cause Flooding and Mudslides Putting the Lives of 700,000 at Risk

An aerial views shows the devastation caused to communities by Cyclone Kenneth, which has lashed the region

The government of Mozambique has urged people to seek higher ground as Cyclone Kenneth rips through Pemba city and the Macomia district.

More heavy rain is expected to hit the country in the next few days which could cause mudslides and flooding.

The extreme weather conditions would put the lives of 700,000 people at risk and five people have already been killed following Saturday’s storm.

The country’s disaster management agency said two people died on Ibo Island, and one in both Pemba and Macomia, with the fifth being unconfirmed.

Dramatic aerial photos showed the devastation across some communities which had near enough been flattened by the storm.

Homes in the Cabo Delgado province were either part or fully destroyed, with key bridges having collapsed and roads being blocked.

Schools and health centres were damaged and many people have been left exposed and hungry as waters continue to rise.

Response team leader at Save the Children, Nicholas Finney said people were in shock in Macomia, a region where a cyclone has never been recorded in a modern age.

‘There’s a very intense strip of destruction where the wind first made impact in coastal districts’.

Terrified children and traumatized parents ‘face a huge task to start to rebuild,’ he said.

Rain is forecast over the next several days, and Mozambique’s meteorological authority said the storm could potentially move back out to sea and intensify again.

Finney added. ‘It doesn’t look good, quite honestly,’ he said of the risk of flooding.

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Source: Daily Mail