In NFL First, a Baltimore Ravens Super Fan Who’s Blind and Battling Cancer Announces Draft Pick Written in Braille

The lead-up to the NFL Draft is incredibly exciting for hundreds of players hoping for life-changing news and millions of fans praying that their team will snag the next Tom Brady or Julio Jones, but it’s hard to imagine anyone looking forward to it more than 13-year-old Mo Gaba.

Gaba, who’s been blind since birth, is battling cancer for the third time and is a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan, was invited to announce the team’s fourth-round draft pick — the 123rd overall pick.

It will be the first time that an NFL draft card is written in Braille, according to the team.
The middle schooler is a regular caller to Baltimore sports radio stations and called 98 Rock on Wednesday to talk about the draft.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was also on the line and invited Gaba to announce the pick at the team’s fan event on Saturday in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

“What? Really? I’ve never done that before,” Gaba said with a big smile on his face. “I would like to do that, yeah.”

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SOURCE: David Williams, CNN