WATCH: Biden Cries on ‘The View’ Over His Dead Son in First TV Interview of 2020 Run – After Refusing to Apologize for His Handling of Anita Hill in Clarence Thomas Hearings

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is seen during the annual Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany February 16, 2019. REUTERS/Andreas Gebert – RC1740FFF0A0

Vice President Joe Biden told the ladies of ‘The View’ Thursday he needs to be ‘more cognizant’ of how women respond to his interactions with them, addressing the issue that poses an early challenge for his new presidential campaign.

In his first interview of his campaign, Biden was challenged on the ‘Creepy Joe’ claims which hit him last month, and on the treatment of Anita Hill during his chairmanship of the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings – as well as on his age.

But he also broke down in tears as he discussed his elder son Beau’s death from cancer in 2015, saying that he wakes up every morning hoping that he is proud of his father.

Biden pointedly did not apologize for the way he treated Anita 28 years ago, following revelations that he called her days before announcing his presidential bid.

‘I’m sorry the way she got treated,’ Biden said. ‘If you go back and look at what I said and I didn’t say, I don’t think I treated her badly. I took on her opposition.’

He said what he didn’t figure out to do was, ‘How do you stop people from asking inflammatory questions? How do you stop these character assassinations outside? There was a full blown attack on her in order to get the defense for Clarence Thomas. And no woman or any victim of harassment should ever be put through that circumstance in public hearings,’ he said.

Hill revealed this week that she was not satisfied with what Biden told her during their call.

‘I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I’m sorry for what happened to you,’ Hill told the New York Times. ‘I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose.’

‘Not only didn’t I vote for Clarence Thomas, I believed her from the beginning,’ Biden responded on the program. ‘I was against Clarence Thomas. I did everything in my power to defeat Clarence Thomas.’

Biden broke down while discussing his late son Beau Biden, who urged him to run for president before his death from brain cancer at age 46.

‘He said dad promise me, give me your word as a Biden, you will not back away. What he meant was, he knew I would always take care of the family to the best of my knowledge. But he didn’t want me to withdraw from the things that motivated my whole life and trying to get engaged and change things and try to make things better,’ said Biden, who titled a book on the subject, ‘Promise me, Dad.’

Asked if that was why he was running, Biden responded: ‘He’s not why I’m running, But I hope as I’ve – this sounds stupid,’ growing more emotional. ‘When I get up in the morning, I think about, I hope he’s proud of me,’ he continued.

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Source: Daily Mail