Secular High School Principal Lays the Boom Down on Immodestly Dressing Mothers and Establishes Dress Code for Parents and Defends Her Decision, Saying She Was Fed Up With Moms in See-through Shirts and Is Determined to Set a Good Example for Her Students. We at BCNN1 Say Amen and Amen

James Madison High School principal Carlotta Outley Brown defended her controversial decision to create a dress code for parents attempting to gain access to the school

The Texas high school principal criticized for creating a controversial dress code for parents is refusing to back down from her decision to institute the adult wardrobe rules.

James Madison High School principal Carlotta Outley Brown made headlines in early April after a parent publicly complained that she had been refused access to the Houston, Texas, school’s campus while attempting to enroll her daughter simply because she was wearing a t-shirt dress and a head scarf.

The complaint prompted Brown to formalize a dress code for parents, which banned adornments including hair bonnets, shower caps and hair rollers, as well as prohibiting clothing such as low-cut tops, leggings, excessively torn jeans, sagging pants and Daisy Dukes. Critics claimed the dress code was classist and insulting.

‘I felt the need to enact the dress code because it was an educational environment, a place of learning,’ Brown told Inside Edition in an interview that aired Friday. ‘When anyone walks in, we have impressionable children and we have to model what we want them to know and learn.’

Brown said that the woman who complained was turned away from the school because she was wearing a ‘nightshirt’ and that it evident ‘that she did not have anything on under her garment.’

Prior to this woman, however, Brown said that she had been seeing an increasing number of parents arriving at the school wearing eyebrow-raising attire.

One mom, Brown said, ‘came in with a see-through shirt and you could clearly see her breasts and her nipples.’ Meanwhile, another mom had her thong underwear visible above her pants.

Brown said the parental dress code rules, which were sent out to school parents in a letter, were necessary because ‘Parents are their children’s first teacher’ and that formalizing the rules would ‘ensure that they know how to conduct themselves.’

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Source: Daily Mail