Andy Crouch Says This is the Most Important Question People Should Ask About Cybernetic Enhancement

Andy Crouch, partner for theology and culture at Praxis, speaks at Q 2019 in Nashville, April 24. | Screenshot: Q Ideas

There is a very important question that people should ask when it comes to every proposal in cyborgs and cybernetic enhancement, according to author and Christian leader Andy Crouch.

“Every time, now, today, and in the future, someone proposes a cybernetic enhancement, may I suggest that we ask a very simple question: Will this help us to love?” asked Crouch, author of The Tech-Wise Family, at the Q Ideas conference Wednesday. “Will this help us to love God, others, ourselves, our neighbor, our enemies?”

He conveyed his concerns about modern speculations over the emergence of cyborgs, a term used to describe a being who is part machine, part living creature.

Crouch argued that while often thought of as the domain science fiction, he believed that cyborgs already existed, given how oftentimes human beings “offloaded important parts of our cognition to artificial systems.”

A chief example he gave was how many in the audience would not be able to call their mother or another loved one if they did not have their own phone to use, due to having saved the phone number in a phone.

“You have taken an incredibly important part of your life and you’ve offloaded it into an artificial system that’s very much part of your life and if I took it away from you, you’d feel a sense of alarm and worry,” said Crouch.

He pointed out the reality that “every time we enhance human beings artificially, it somehow seems like we diminish our capacities as well.”

Crouch warned that “when we see people donning the apparatus of new technology, it doesn’t always look like they are becoming more human.”

“Every enhancement comes with a diminishment,” he stressed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski