President Trump Says His Administration Is Making Progress Against Opioid Crisis

President Trump says his administration is making progress in the fight against opioids, investing billions of dollars and promising to hold drug makers accountable.

At a drug summit Wednesday in Atlanta, Trump gave a progress report on the efforts of his administration.

“My administration is deploying every resource at our disposal to empower you, to support you and to fight right by your side,” he said.

Trump’s speech came one day after his administration brought its first criminal charges against a major drug distributor – Rochester Drug Co-Operative is accused of turning a blind eye to thousands of suspicious orders for opioid pain killers.

“There is just nothing going to stop us, no matter how you cut it,” said Trump.

In his speech he also announced his administration’s commitment to set aside $6 billion for things like youth prevention and overdose-reversing drugs.

“We’re going for even bigger numbers this year,” he vowed, going on to list other administration accomplishments like convincing China to designate fentanyl, or synthetic heroin, as a controlled substance and cracking down on online sales.

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Source: CBN