Magic Johnson Reportedly Resigned from Lakers After Being Blind-copied on Emails About Bad Job Performance

Magic Johnson abruptly quit as the Los Angeles Lakers’ president of basketball operations earlier this month, and according to new reports, it was because management sent emails criticizing his bad performance — and Johnson was copied on those emails.

On Colin Cowherd’s show on Wednesday, USA Today reported, Bleacher Report senior writer and Fox Sports 1 analyst Ric Bucher detailed the story involving owner Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka: “My understanding is that there were some emails that were exchanged between Rob and Jeanie…about Magic and about what Magic was and wasn’t doing. They were critical emails. And somehow, someway, Jeanie, from what I understand, was CC’ing or blind CC’ing Magic on everything. That was sort of protocol. Standard issue. Somehow, the exchange between Rob and Jeanie ended up on that string of the blind CC’s that were going to Magic.”

Johnson’s shocking resignation as the 16-time NBA champions’ president of basketball operations compounded the turmoil that always seems to envelop the Lakers, who remain among the most talked-about sports franchises in the world even though they haven’t made the playoffs since 2013.

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SOURCE: Frank Miles | Fox News