Tragic: ISIS Celebrates Deadly Sri Lanka Easter Attacks With Poster of Pope Francis and Buddha On Fire

ISIS supporters have celebrated the depraved suicide bombings in Sri Lanka by posting a blood-splattered poster featuring Pope Francis and Donald Trump.

The Easter Sunday massacre left at least 359 dead and is believed to the terror group’s biggest ever mass murder.

After claiming responsibility for the atrocity, the brainwashed death cult’s official media channel Amaq issued a disturbing poster.

The chilling propaganda post featured the masked extremists believed to have carried out the bombings in Sri Lanka above images of the Pope, US President Trump and a statue of Buddha.

Along with splatters of blood, the sinister image also includes depictions of fire.

On the poster, the warped militants wrote: “We will not make you cry of blood, enemies of religion and the first of the clouds shall fall upon the rivers of unclean blood.”

The coordinated attack, which involved nine suicide bombers, is believed to the terror group’s biggest ever mass murder.

ISIS’s previous largest attack was a bomb assault on a shopping district in Karrada, Baghdad, which left 340 dead in 2016.

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SOURCE: Mark Hodge
The Sun