Sri Lanka Jihadists Created Explosives Inside Copper Factory Owned by One Terrorist

This is the factory where the Easter Sunday attacks were masterminded and the ‘mother of Satan’ suicide bombs are believed to have been built, MailOnline can reveal.

The copper factory, in Wellampitiya, a north-eastern suburb of Colombo, belonged to ‘calm and devout’ Inshaf Ahamad, who is understood to have blown himself up at a hotel frequented by foreigners in the atrocity.

Inshaf’s brother-in-law said the businessman drove a brand new white Land Cruiser and came from a middle class background.

Speaking to MailOnline, Ashkhan Alamdeen, 29, said he had brought shame their family.

‘They have ruined our family and taken the lives of hundreds of people from all over the world,’ Ashkhan said.

‘We had no idea what they were planning. If we had, we would have immediately told the police.’

Inshaf is said to have attacked a hotel where holidaymakers were killed along with his brother Ilham.

Their father, a successful spice trader, was arrested at the family home after bombs went off at the family home, killing three police officers.

Ashkhan went on: ‘We feel no emotion apart from anger. Pure anger. They were successful men with everything to live for.

He said his sister, Ishfan’s wife, was ‘living in a dream world’ following the massacre.

‘She can’t believe it really happened. She is in great psychological pain.’

After obtaining the material for the bomb, Inshaf, a father-of-four in his mid-thirties, told his wife that he was going to Zambia on a business trip, Mr Alamdeen said.

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Source: Daily Mail