Skier Bode Miller’s Wife Cries as They Teach Their New Baby How to Swim Almost a Year After Daughter Drowned in a Pool

Bode Miller’s wife Morgan Beck has shared a heart-wrenching video of their new baby son learning how to swim almost a year after their toddler daughter Emmy drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool.

Beck shared the video on her Instagram story on Monday. It showed their six-month-old son Easton being held up in a swimming pool by a coach, learning how to float on his back.

She captioned it: ‘I cried tears of hope watching my baby boy learn this life saving skill… and then tears of sadness because it was all I had to do to keep my baby girl here.’

Emmy, whose full name was Emmeline, drowned in June 2018 after toddling into a neighbor’s swimming pool.

Beck was five months pregnant with Easton at the time.

The 19-month-old had managed to get out of the house, into the friend’s yard and slipped into the swimming pool within a matter of minutes.

She was rushed to the hospital but could not be revived and was pronounced dead the following day.

Beck, a professional beach volleyball player and Miller, a former Olympic gold medalist skier, have shared their grief openly in an attempt to prevent other children’s drowning deaths ever since.

They welcomed Easton in October. He is Beck’s third baby and Miller’s fifth.

In February, Beck shared a touching tribute to the baby on Instagram.

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Source: Daily Mail