Ray Comfort: Is It Wise to Openly Preach the Gospel in a Muslim Country?

Someone asked me the following question: “Is it wise to have open-air preaching in an Islamic country like Malaysia? The constitutional law in Malaysia is basically Islamic. The country appears to be democratic but deep down it is rooted in Islamic core values.”

This is my response:

The answer to this must be your decision, but I will give you my thoughts to help you to shape yours.

First, I would find an appropriate place to preach, and then make inquiries about the legalities of speaking in the open air. Perhaps a permit is required, and having one will keep you on the right side of the law.

Secondly, Paul “crafted” his message for his hearers at Athens, and I have crafted a gospel for Muslims. Some think that it’s their job to dismantle Islam and to say that Muhammad was a false prophet. I don’t believe that is wise if we truly want to reach Muslims with the gospel. If we are trying to feed the dying, we should try to avoid poking them in the eye.

Muslims have a “works-righteousness” religion. They believe that salvation comes from performing religious works to merit everlasting life. The hope is that God will overlook their sins because their religious works will outweigh them in the scales of God’s Justice. And that will hopefully mean Heaven rather than Hell.

The reason they have this hope is that they don’t understand the nature of God. Therefore, our job is to show them His holiness in contrast to their sin. And we do this by preaching the spiritual nature of the moral Law, as Jesus did to those who were self-righteous.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ray Comfort