Pastor Shane Idleman Says Protestants Shouldn’t Bring Catholics on Stage at Events Due to Fundamental Theological Differences

I thank God for the wonderful work that many ministries are doing to promote revival from D.C. to Pasadena—I wish there were more, but there is also a very troubling trend in the evangelical church as a whole. My goal in releasing this is for charismatic leaders to really rethink their position on this issue.

We are encouraged to be at peace with all men, even with those who have different beliefs. But the Bible also encourages us to boldly and confidently present a scriptural basis for truth and compare differences—to be peacemakers but not religious negotiators. In our zeal to reach the masses, we often compromise the message and quench the Spirit.

I love Roman Catholics and I believe that there are many Christians within their ranks, but, because of major theological issues, I don’t believe that we can share the stage at worship events. Read more below and don’t miss the brief audio interview here.

Most are unaware that Roman Catholicism promotes submission to the teachings of the Pope, bishops, and sacred traditions that often supersede Scripture. Traditionally, followers are not encouraged to read the Bible but to lean on Papal interpretation. The title, “Vicar of Christ,” implies that the Pope has the same power and authority that Christ has over the church.

Roman Catholicism also teaches that Mary was free of sin. Many believe that she is a co-redeemer to assist in redemption. A bumper sticker reads, “Can’t find Jesus, look for His mother.” Although some Catholics may not believe this, Roman Catholicism teaches it. Simply read Pope Pius IX Ineffabilis Deuswritten in 1854. On, they wrote that “within the New Testament Mary’s cooperation with God is ongoing. As she conceived Jesus, Mary began to cooperate with the work of Redemption (Luke 1:38).” And concludes a few sentences later that “She persists in this role as our Mother in heaven today (Rev. 12:17).” There is zero scriptural basis for these statements.

Instead of teaching believers to rest in Christ by faith alone, Catholic leaders often promote Mary worship and works to “merit grace.” Catholics remain dependent on the “Church,” even after death, to relieve suffering in Purgatory. Although sins are forgiven periodically in confession, the punishment still remains. When Christ said, “It is finished” He meant it. Purgatory is not only unbiblical, it mocks Christ’s finished work on the cross.

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Source: Christian Headlines