Ken Blackwell: Ben Carson Takes Legal Action Against Discrimination on Facebook and Twitter While Democrats Push to Increase Power of Big Tech

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), under the direction of Dr. Ben Carson, is taking aggressive legal action against social media platforms for enabling online housing discrimination. Democrats, meanwhile, are pushing flawed legislation that would only increase the power and influence of their Big Tech allies.

The contrast highlights just how beholden Democrats have become to support from Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook and Google.

Last August, HUD launched a Fair Housing Act complaint against Facebook based on its advertising practices. Facebook is the world’s largest social media company and, together with Google, forms the great internet duopoly that controls the majority of online advertising.

The key product that Facebook offers advertisers is user data. Through its Facebook and Instagram platforms, the company’s algorithms collect data that allows advertisers to target customers with incredible degrees of specificity.

When it comes to housing, this presents a serious legal problem, because it gives landlords and developers a powerful array of tools to ensure that only the “right kind” of people see their ads for, say, a new apartment building or real estate development.

The law has something to say about that, because many of the “interests” that Facebook lets its advertisers target are very close proxies for federally protected classes such as race, religion, and family status.

Don’t want families with kids? Just exclude Facebook users with “interests” in baby clothes or parenting tips. Don’t want Christians? Uncheck the boxes about Bible verses and church.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ken Blackwell