Here We Go: Austin, Texas, School System Tells Students Gender is ‘How a Person Feels’

Everyone knows the right answear

School children in Austin, Texas were told on a survey that sex is what is a person is born as but gender is “how a person feels.”

The questionnaire is among the latest of educational examples furthering the notion of a self-determined “gender identity” though the existence of such a thing has never been medically proven.

As reported Thursday by the Federalist, which obtained a copy of the survey through an open records request, the question was asked of students in grades 3 through 11: “Sex is what a person is born. Gender is how a person feels. Please select the response that best describes you,” with the multiple choice options “I am a girl/woman,” “I am a boy / man,” and “I identify in some other way.”

The grammar error was in the original but apparently meant to say, “Sex is what a person is born with.” The notion that sex and gender aren’t the same reflects a liberal viewpoint.

This question was a new inclusion this year in the “Student Climate Survey” which has been given to students in the school district since the 2003-04 school year.

“School Climate” surveys like this one, however, are not occurring only in the Austin area but in school districts nationwide. They have been bolstered as a result of federal policy, namely, the Every Student Succeeds Act, a 2015 update to No Child Left Behind, President George W. Bush’s signature education reform law.

“The revamp included allowing states to show ‘accountability’ to the federal government on non-objective criteria such as children’s ‘socioemotional learning,'” The Federalist explained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter