Emirati Woman Who Suffered Brain Injury Protecting Her Son During a Car Crash Wakes Up From 27-Year-Long Coma

Munira Abdulla fell into a coma in 1991 after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a car crash, but regained consciousness last year and is now able to have conversations with her family

A woman from the United Arab Emirates has regained consciousness after spending 27 years in a vegetative state.

Munira Abdulla was aged 32 when she suffered a traumatic brain injury after the car she was riding in was hit by a bus near Al Ain in 1991.

But last year, following rehabilitation in Germany, she began to make noises as she tried to call out to son Omar after hearing him arguing in her hospital room.

Days later she uttered his name for the first time in decades, and now she is able to recite prayers and hold conversations with her loved ones.

Omar revealed her miraculous recovery in an interview with The National, describing how he was ‘flying with joy’ when she began speaking again.