Democrats Say They Are Ready for Investigations Against President Trump, but Not Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership are walking a fine line. In a conference call Monday, members said they are ready to move forward with investigations, but not impeachment. Although the Mueller report found no evidence of collusion with the Russians, they’re focusing on at least 10 potential incidents of obstruction of justice listed in the report.

The special counsel made no determination on obstruction, but Democrats have two points of concern.

One was the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. The Mueller report says the president took that action because Comey would not state publicly that the president was not under investigation.

The second has to do with Robert Mueller himself. The special counsel’s report says the president asked former White House Counsel Don McGhan to fire Mueller.

Appearing on Fox News, former Trump attorney John Dowd says he briefed the president every day about the Mueller investigation.

“At no time did the president ever say, ‘You know John I’m going to get rid of him, John it’s not going to do it. It was just the opposite,” Dowd recalled. “Here’s the message the president had for Bob Mueller for me, to carry: ‘One. You tell him I respect what he is doing. Number two. You tell him he’s got my full cooperation.'”

Regardless, Democrats in the House are moving forward with their investigations. The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed McGhan to testify.

And battling for the votes from the party’s left wing, some Democratic candidates for president are calling for Trump’s impeachment.

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Source: CBN