Christian Teacher Who Opposed Transgender Lessons in UK Schools Says She Was Labeled a ‘Pro-Nazi’ and ‘Far-Right Extremist’

A Christian teacher who was fired for opposing the promotion of LGBT relationships in UK primary schools has opened up about the abuse she endured for her beliefs, from being labeled a “pro-Nazi” to a “far-Right extremist.”

Kristie Higgs, a teaching assistant and mother-of-two, was fired from her position at Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire for “gross misconduct” and “illegal discrimination” after she urged her Facebook followers to sign a petition against the government’s relationships and sex education. Under the new guidelines issued by the U.K. Department of Education, children as young as five will receive lessons about LGBT relationships and gender reassignment.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Higgs revealed that in the weeks after her suspension, which occurred after an anonymous parent complained about her Facebook posts, she was ordered to attend two further “investigation” meetings with the school’s human resources officer.

In the meeting, one school official demanded to know if she had used her professional email address to subscribe to a Christian broadcast service that sent out daily inspirational Bible readings.

“I could not believe they had gone into my email messages looking for evidence that I was a Christian. It felt as if I was being persecuted for my faith,” she said.

In another exchange, Higgs shared how one panel member compared her Facebook posts to offending comments that might be made by a “far-Right” extremist. The panel’s chairman, employment lawyer Stephen Conlan, then clarified that meant “something that was ‘pro-Nazi,’” according to Higgs.

“I didn’t understand what they meant at first because I wasn’t familiar with the far-Right,” she said. “But when Mr. Conlan explained, I was shocked that they put my posts about Christianity in the same category as political extremists.”

Following the hearing, Higgs was forced to wait three weeks over Christmas before she was informed by email that she had been dismissed for “gross misconduct” and “illegal discrimination.”

The ruling by the disciplinary panel found her guilty of “serious inappropriate use of social media” that could bring the school into disrepute, although it acknowledged there was “no evidence” the school’s reputation had been damaged to date.

Higgs told the Daily Mail that she saw her role as an opportunity to minister to students — many of whom, she revealed, were gay or transgender individuals who turned to her for emotional and practical support when they felt the world was against them.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett