Texas Pizza Restaurant Temporarily Shuts Down After Employees Allegedly Put Laxatives On Pizza

Mr. Jim’s Pizza in Springtown, Texas (Credit: CBS 11)
Mr. Jim’s Pizza in Springtown, Texas (Credit: CBS 11)

A North Texas Mr. Jim’s Pizza has been temporarily shut down after health inspectors found that three employees put a laxative onto pizza that was eaten by another employee, police said.

Police in Springtown — located in Wise and Parker counties — said the incident happened at the pizza place at 417 East State Highway 199 at around 8 p.m. on Friday. A resident had told police that an employee at the Mr. Jim’s posted on social media that they were putting the laxative, Miralax, on the food.

Police said officers went to the business and found that three employees put Miralax onto at least one pizza that another employee unknowingly ate. According to police, the employee who ate the tainted pizza is now sick.

Police said the employees told officers that they didn’t put the laxative onto pizzas that were sold to the public.

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