California Homeowner Confronts Woman Stealing a Package From Her Mailbox in Broad Daylight

Footage uploaded to social media on Sunday shows the moment a Californiawoman confronted a thief stealing a package from her mailbox.

Shirah Booker spotted the porch pirate rifling through her mail on April 18.

Home surveillance video captured the moment the female suspect was taken by surprise by Booker, who caught the thief on her property at the 3200 block of Main Avenue, Long Beach.

In the footage the thief is seen walking past the house and then brazenly walking up to the door and opening the mail box.

She is then shown going through a package. Booker opens the door and grabs it out of her hand, saying: ‘What are you doing, don’t you ever come back to my home, now get gone.’

Booker then stands outside and waits to ensure that the suspect doesn’t try to steal other neighbors’ mail.

The suspect repeatedly insists she did nothing and agrees that she won’t try to steal from the area again.

Booker posted footage of the exchange on Facebook with the caption: ‘ You may wanna think twice about stealing from my house. Just FYI I see everything! Someone’s always watching.’

She later told KTLA5 that she didn’t think twice about defending her home. Booker explained: ‘She picked the wrong day and the wrong envelope to try and snatch up.

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Source: Daily Mail