“Breakthrough” Actors, Preachers, and Real-Life Family Behind the Film Share Why They Rely on the Power of Prayer

“Breakthrough” actors, preachers and the real-life people behind the upcoming film share their views on prayer.

When Googling the definition of prayer, the dictionary definition that pops up reads: “a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.”

“Breakthrough” tells the miraculous true story of Joyce and John Smith, a mother and son who rely on the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit following an accident in which John is pronounced deceased by doctors at the hospital. After 45 minutes his mother’s  desperate supplications to God bring him back to life after the doctors lost all hope.

John Smith, the subject behind the Christian film, says the spiritual appeal is actually a way to interact with God.

“The power of prayer is so important because prayer is our way to communicate with God and prayer is our way to speak life into other people’s lives as well,” Smith told The Christian Post at the premiere of “Breakthrough.”

The young man who is alive today because of his mother’s pleas to God said the world would be a different place if people practiced prayer.

“If we all prayed and spoke life into everybody, basically we would go back to holding the door for people because I know that doesn’t happen anymore,” he said.

“It’s amazing to see the power of prayer because it was my mom’s faith that brought me back to life. But in the end, it was God. Having that faith and having that prayer was so important and is to this day still important to me and her,” Smith continued.

One of the producers of “Breakthrough” said he felt compelled to make a film based on the proven medical miracle because of how much he believes in it.

“Prayer is a lifeline. Prayer is direct communication with God. God is the most powerful force in the universe, and when we pray, we tap into that power source,” DeVon Franklin told CP. “I think sometimes it’s very easy to forget how powerful prayer can be because sometimes we prayed, and we haven’t gotten what we wanted and as a result. Sometimes we can get discouraged.”

The “Miracles from Heaven” filmmaker said his new movie will encourage people to believe again.

“Sometimes we have to remember that our requests to God are God’s discretion on when and how He answers. Our job is to pray and seek His will and let Him handle the result,” Franklin explained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law