Alex McFarland: Five Freedoms Only Found in Jesus Christ

Every spring, the world acknowledges Christ’s resurrection, via the Easter holiday. It has been said that Jesus’ physical emergence from the grave—corroborated by eyewitness testimony and resulting in the birth of history’s largest faith group—is the most verifiable fact of the ancient world. Think of the implications of Jesus’ victory over death: It moved pious Jews to abandon a centuries-long observance of Saturday sabbath to begin worshipping on Sunday (“resurrection day”).   

It is significant to reflect on the freedoms we have through Jesus Christ. His hard-won victory on the cross gives us these five liberties:

1. Freedom from guilt that all inherit

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:22, “In Adam all die.” Physical death—and the risk of spiritual death—are universal realities because of the sin we inherit from Adam and Eve. In Christ we are forgiven, promised a home in heaven and are set free from guilt.

2. Freedom from sinful deeds we personally commit

We have all known the right but done the wrong. Sinful actions not only put a wedge between us and God, they result in numerable negative repercussions. Christ forgives our sins, and the indwelling Holy Spirit can give us the strength to overcome temptations.

3. Freedom within ourselves over personal struggles

If we are willing, God’s Spirit can even help us overcome sinful habits that may have held us in bondage for years. Whether the issue is a gnawing remorse over past bad decisions, feelings of worthlessness, emotional pain from abuse or just fear about tomorrow, Jesus gives us peace within. The Gospel is our way to peace with God and is also the key to peace with ourselves.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Alex McFarland