Rev. Mark H. Creech: The Bitter Irony of North Carolina Passing Gambling Laws During the Celebration of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection

Clive Sinclair once said that he saw the world as a place of bitter irony. Irony, I think, can be defined as incongruity between a situation and the action which accompanies it.

Irony was what came to mind as I considered legislation North Carolina lawmakers passed this week and its incongruity with this being the time we celebrate Christ’s passion and resurrection.

Thursday, the North Carolina General Assembly passed HB 130 – Allow Game Nights.The legislation authorizes non-profits across the state to have casino-style gambling events for fundraising. Proponents argue these gaming nights are benign, it’s all for fun, no cash is passed, and the proceeds go to charity. But I suggest the legislation is still wrong – very wrong – because it glorifies gambling.

Does anyone remember the Roman soldiers, the gamblers at Golgotha, during Jesus’ crucifixion, down on their knees, casting dice for his garment? They were so caught up in gambling’s pernicious effect; they didn’t even notice the Savior of the world was dying.

For what was Christ dying on that Cross? He was giving his life as an atonement for sin – the sin of covetousness which gambling stirs up in us – the sin of failing to love our neighbor whom gambling preys upon, especially the poor and vulnerable – for failing to be good stewards of the resources God has provided which gambling wastes – to set us free from the enslaving power of addictions like gambling that drag us down in life and into hell. Gambling in any form is a violation of the moral will of God.

Can anyone see the irony of state lawmakers approving a measure that lauds gambling as a means of charity – a means for demonstrating love and benevolence – something the God of love condemns – on the eve of the day we commemorate Christ’s death for our sins?

This week, a panel of lawmakers in the North Carolina House, passed a bill, HB 91 – ABC Laws Modernization/PED Study, that would allow liquor stores to open on Sundays.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Rev. Mark H. Creech