Joshua Randall Englehart: Don’t Have ‘Just Another Easter Service’

Consider this article a “pleading” to all those who are responsible in any way shape or form with preparing a fellowship service. This is not just for the elders, deacons, or pastors either. All authority belongs to Christ in the church, and we pastors (or other leaders of the church) are merely a conduit for that authority which is then validated and verified through its lining up with the word of God. I do not care what your role is in preparing for a church service, please read this article and pray about it (and go to the word of God as well for some validation).

So, we are coming up on maybe the most “popular” Sunday for many churches in the West. Easter Sunday (or “Resurrection Sunday” as we like to call it). Many people come to church who usually do not because, well, it is just what you should do on such a day, right? This is the day that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead to show us that He is, well, God Himself incarnate. It is through Him being the perfect sacrifice and His beating death that we are saved of our deserving wrath (Romans 5:19).

His death on the cross was not a novelty, it was planned from before the beginning of time. God did not look at all of us and think, “They seem to just keep screwing up this law obeying stuff, I guess I have to send my only Son down to take the hit”. No, God knew how all of this was going to go, and He knew how we would even be today when it comes to how we see the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We can so easily just think of Jesus in such a mellow-minded way and think by simply saying we believe in the Gospel that in some way shape or form we are good to go. What is on our hearts do not matter because if I profess with my mouth first, the faith comes second, right? This then makes me righteous, right?

I advise you all to carefully re-read Romans 10:9-10. Your mouth is a profession of a pre-existing condition – your sincere and authentic faith in the Gospel. To get to that point, you have to be aware of another pre-existing condition – that you are a sinner who needs Jesus Christ to be saved.

This is where many people today have just seen Easter Service as a traditional thing to attend more so than a divine remembrance. The church can easily take advantage of this “tradition” by knowing that attendance will be up so making sure they are on their best (music, food, promotion of programs, gathering information from visitors, etc.) is important because everyone likes church more when there are a lot of people, right?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Joshua Randall Englehart