WATCH: Why Charismatics Must Answer All of Their Critics

George D. Watson once said, “The true saints of God, who have clear heads, and pure, warm hearts, have in all generations had to walk between the two extremes of cold formality on the one side, and wild, ranting fanaticism on the other. Dead formality and the false fire of fanaticism are both Satan’s counterfeits, and he does not care into which extreme the soul plunges…”

Do we really believe the the Apostle Paul would tell us to sit down and be quiet during worship? To put our hands down and contain ourselves? Granted, he may rebuke skinny-jeans, silly trends, and sappy worship songs with no theological power, but would he have us handcuff our emotions? After all, emotions are good and God-given. The key is to make sure that they are the caboose and not the engine of the train—they follow obedience to God and His word—they are not a gauge for truth.

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SOURCE: Charisma Mag, Shane Idleman