WATCH: The Incredible Stories of Faith That Came Out of the Columbine High School Massacre

Columbine survivors and their families are speaking out 20 years after two students entered Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and committed tragic acts of violence, killing 12 students, one teacher and inevitably turning their guns on themselves.

The shooting at Columbine shocked the nation to its core. Survivors Craig Scott and Evan Todd — two former students who were in the library of the school that fateful day — appear alongside other survivors in’s “After Columbine” series, revealing what they saw and experienced during and after the traumatic event.

“I went to the library to study for a test during my lunch period and I was there with two friends,” Scott said of his morning on April 20. “I heard popping noises coming from outside the school.”

At first, Scott and Todd thought the sounds were part of a senior prank, but when a teacher frantically entered the library and told students to hide, they knew something else was happening.

The shooters soon entered the library, where much of the violence took place. Scott recalled being terrified in the midst of the unimaginable event.

“I asked God to take away my fear, because I literally felt like my heart was going to stop beating, and in that moment I felt relief from my fear,” he said, noting that he experienced something profound in that moment. “About a minute later I heard a voice speak to me and told me ‘Get out of there.’”

Watch Scott, Todd and other survivors discuss how faith played a role during and after Columbine in episode one of “After Columbine” (watch the entire series at

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell