Nolan Harkness: Eight Times Christ’s Blood Was Shed at the Cross

Recently, while in intercessory prayer, the triune God through the Holy Spirit opened up my eyes to a powerful truth, namely, “The Eight Blood Points to the Cross.” I don’t know about you, but when I think of the blood which Jesus shed for me, I rejoice in the blood shed at the cross! However, the Lord showed me that my vision was limited! There were so many other places that He suffered and shed His blood.

Christ’s blood was not only shed on the cross; it was first shed in the garden of Gethsemane where great drops mixed with sweat dripped to the ground as He agonized over the decision He had to make!  Scientists have proven that though rare, it is possible for someone to so be in agony that blood capillaries will break, allowing blood and sweat to mix. The blood which was shed in the garden is what I call the “first blood point”, where the most precious substance that this world had ever seen, Jesus’ sinless blood, dripped down on this sin filled planet!

Secondly, the Bible says that as he was brought before Caiaphas the high priest he was “buffeted”, which means he was punched in the face while they mocked and spit on Him! Severe punching no doubt produced blood, perhaps from his lips. Although no bones were broken, He still could have had a bloody nose. This was the next blood point. Once again His sinless blood dripped to this polluted planet’s surface.  Thirdly, they made a crown of thorns and rammed it down on His head, as they continued to mock Him by sarcastically calling Him the “King of the Jews”. This being blood point number three. Once again, the priceless precious sinless blood dripped down on the ground of the world that he was called to save.

Next, I think of the blood point of the blood that was on the garment that they ripped from His body and gambled over it! Many Times when I am praying I envision myself covered with the blood-stained garment of Jesus. Oh what a price the second Adam, our Lord Jesus paid for our sins! Blood point number four was as they threw this bloody garment to the ground, to cast lots over it. Number five, I think of the fact that as He was strapped to a whipping post. We know that the Romans’ whip laid 39 stripes upon his back because history says that Roman law prevented them from going over 40 because 40 or more would either kill people or drive them into insanity from the pain. Blood point number five is that blood, from the Roman whips lashes, would have literally have been splattered everywhere including upon the soldiers themselves. Blood would’ve been running profusely out of his back down on the ground and all over that area.

Oh the precious blood of Jesus and the precious body that it ran out of! We don’t fully grasp why He had to shed so much blood, in so many places, but we need to realize that it needed to be enough to cover the sins of the whole world!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nolan Harkness