Here We Go: Actress Charlize Theron Says ‘My Child I Thought Was a Boy Is… a Girl’, Revealing For the First Time Why Her Adopted Seven-Year-Old Jackson Is Wearing Dresses

No one could accuse actress Charlize Theron of following the crowd. Take, for example, the case of her elder child, seven-year-old Jackson (center and left with Charlize and younger sister August), who was adopted as a baby and introduced to the world as a boy. But when asked about it on a sunny morning in Beverly Hills, Charlize is matter-of-fact. Not only is she raising Jackson as a girl — in fact, she says, Jackson is every bit as much a girl as his three-year-old sister, August. The drama of Charlize’s early years is well-documented: The tough life on a remote farm outside Johannesburg, South Africa, tormented by an alcoholic and abusive father (inset) who would regularly and viciously beat Charlize’s mother, Gerda (inset and with Charlize right). Then the last tragic day when Charlize was 15 and her father, Charles, who ran a construction business, returned home in a rage, carrying a gun and threatening to kill both Charlize and Gerda. Instead, in front of Charlize’s eyes, in what was later ruled an act of self-defense, Gerda shot him dead.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail