Twitter Drops Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘Safety Partner’ After It is Accused of Discrimination and Harassment

Twitter is reportedly no longer partnering with the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center after the organization was itself accused of having a culture of discrimination and sexual harassment.

As The Daily Caller reports, the social media giant is no longer working with the SPLC as one of its “safety partners” in the effort to “prevent abuse, harassment, and bullying.”

The SPLC is one of the most well funded civil rights organization with an endowment of over $470 million in 2018. It claims to “fight hate” and teach tolerance and gained prestige in the civil rights community by standing up for victims of attacks by the white supremacist group Ku Klux Klan.

But over the years, its credibility has been cast into doubt as it has included nonviolent Christian organizations as part of its online map of American hate groups because of the organizations’ conservative advocacy on political issues like marriage and sexuality.

Mainstream media outlets and other watchdog organizations have regularly used SPLC as a resource to further the claim that the Christian conservative nonprofits are “hate groups.”

Some of the world’s largest tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter have partnered with the SPLC to help police their platforms.

As noted in a 2018 report, Twitter had previously listed SPLC as one of its “safety partners.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith