The Game, T.I., Snoop Dogg, and More in the Hip-Hop Community Want Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Fired for Segment Deriding Slain Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Fox News host made disparaging remarks following the rapper/activist’s memorial service

Never ones to pass up an opportunity to stoke furor for the sake of stoking furor, Fox News has once again drawn the ire of the hip-hop community. This time, frequent incendiary Laura Ingraham decided the death of rapper and community activist Nipsey Hussle was funny, and now a number of prominent people are calling for her to be fired.

Last week, the Fox News host used a segment of her show The Ingraham Angle to disparage the late MC less than 24 hours after the memorial procession. With an offensively unsubtle air of disrespect, she talked of the “thousands” who lined the streets to say goodbye to Nipsey. Keeping the sardonic tone, she said, “Now, this dear artist recently released a song called “FDT” — eff Donald Trump.”

Two things: One, that track’s from 2016. It was a protest song released while the Donald was still just threatening to become the most unqualified president in history, not actually being it. Second, it’s not Nipsey Hussle’s song, it’s YG’s. In fact, the clip Ingraham proceeded to play on the show didn’t feature Nipsey at all, either on vocals or on screen.

The segment rolled on with more misinformation and actual laughter from both Ingraham and contributor Raymond Arroyo as they mocked the rising entrepreneur, loving father, and vital member of the South Los Angeles community. The outrage was almost immediate, with The Game leading the charge in a call for Fox to fire Ingraham.

Sharing a clip of Ingraham’s remarks, The Game wrote, “@foxnews fire this disrespectful **** by tomorrow, Monday morning or you will lose millions of viewers one person at a time until it drastically effects your ratings, views etc… if our demographic doesn’t effect that we will STOP support of ALL SPONSORS immediately.” He added, “This is not a game & my brother’s untimely demise has noticeably shifted the world & brought people from all ethnicity’s together in mourning. There is a power in that, that will be used, & action will be taken from now going forward. We will not be accepting any apology from her… we want her fired, PERIOD !!!!! #TheMarathonContinues 🏁”

As of Monday, Ingraham still has a show and has yet to acknowledge the backlash against her, but others have shared their voices. Snoop Dogg commented on The Game’s initial post with a simple, “I’m in.” T.I. shared the video on his own Instagram, calling Ingraham and Arroyo “vile despicable, poor excuses for people.” He continued, “Neither of you WILL EVER know or experience the level of love, appreciation, and respect that Nip has… EVEN IN DEATH!!! So let that sizzle in ya lil hateful, demonic spirits.”

R&B singer Tank linked to a petition calling for Ingraham to be fired; as of this writing, over 36,000 people have signed on. “Disrespecting the deceased is not news!” he wrote. “It’s just disrespect!”

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SOURCE: Consequence of Sound – Ben Kaye